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A charismatic young warrior prince emerges from exile to usurp the old order and forge a new, mighty Zulu kingdom.

Late 18th century. It is a time of bloody conflict and great turmoil. The slave trade expands from the east African coast. Europeans spread inland from the south. And one young boy is destined to change the future of southern Africa.

Shaka, son of the chief, is cast out from the clan when his mother’s powerful rival seeks his half-brother’s ascension to power. Though he takes refuge with his mother’s people, Shaka finds his destiny elsewhere, pledging allegiance to an outsider chief. But when his father dies, Shaka returns to wrest power from his half-brother.

While Shaka has often been portrayed as a cruel and bloodthirsty tyrant, this re-telling of the legend explores the rise to power of a shrewd young prince who must now consolidate a new kingdom through warfare, mediation and political alliances to defend his people against the expanding slave trade.

The African Graphic Novel Series presents edgy versions of lesser-known African stories and histories in full-color graphic novels. Each book includes information for further exploration by the curious minded.

Advance Praise

“Sharing stories are an important part of what makes us human. It shows our humanity and helps us build empathy for one another. What Molver has done in sharing the incredible story Shaka Rising is add to the well of empathy from which we all must drink in order to build a better society.”– Joel Christian Gill cartoonist, historian, activist. Author Strange Fruit Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History and Tales of the Talented Tenth.

“Shaka Rising is an innovative effort to use the comics medium to bridge the gap between academic history and folklore. In the hands of South African creator Luke Molver, this graphic novel converges the work of historians with oral tradition to propose an interpretation of Shaka’s story that is both intellectual and accessible, at once an epic legend and a work of historical fiction. Additionally, the reading guide gives readers insight into the production of this kind of history. Shaka Rising would work well in the classroom in combination with other, academic histories of this event of global and African significance, but is also immensely enjoyable read on its own.”– Trevor R. Getz, author of Abina and the Important Men

“A worthy introduction that offers a young Anglophone audience entry into a legend of Africa” — Kirkus

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The authors

Luke Molver studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at the Durban University of Technology and works as a freelance illustrator and comic book creator in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mbongeni Malaba, Ph.D. completed his doctoral degree on Shaka as a Literary Theme in 1986, at the University of York, where he studied at the Centre for Southern African Studies. He is currently a Professor of English Studies at the Pietermaritzburg Campus of University of KwaZulu Natal.