Jessica Powers. Publisher, Editor, Marketing Guru, and General Girl Friday. She is both the Grand Master and the  Padawan, both the mistress and the maid. In her other life, Jessica is a young adult author of multiple books. She writes under the name J.L. Powers and her author websites include and She also works as a publicist for Cinco Puntos Press ( You can reach her at jlpowers [at] catalystpress [dot] org.


 Ashawnta Jackson lives in Brooklyn, NY. She’s a reader, occasional writer, and most recently an editor. If you can’t find her, she’s probably at the record store hoarding all the new wave. She is working in publicity for Catalyst Press and can be reached at publicity [at] catalystpress [dot] org.



Tsepo Dube. Social Media and Publicity Specialist. Tsepo lives in greater Johannesburg, South Africa, where he and his family own and run a community newspaper and a business related publication.




Shirley Reva Vernick, a young adult writer of multiple books, including The Blood Lie and Remember Dippy, helps out with publicity.




Clare Wilkins serves as part of Catalyst’s Teen Advisory Board and also works as an intern for the press as she learns about the world of publishing.




Please contact us by email at info [at] catalystpress [dot] org or by phone at 925-315-5970.