Catalyst Press is currently only interested in manuscripts¬†authored by African writers or set authentically and realistically in an African location or among the African Diaspora anywhere in the world. We are primarily interested in books featuring African protagonists (“Africans” can be black, white, Asian, mixed race, etc, and culturally may be African, Euro-African, Asian-African, etc–but they will generally have grown up on the continent or among the African Diaspora). We are willing to consider exceptions in certain cases but we seek to publish African and African Diasporan points of view, realities, and understandings of the world we live in. A key word for us is “authentic”–but diversity is also key as there is no singular African culture, belief system, or experience.

On the adult side, we publish crime/mystery, thrillers, literary fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. We are certainly interested in entertaining young adult and middle grade fiction and non-fiction as well, though we will consider that first under the Story Press Africa imprint. If you believe you have a manuscript that we would be interested in, please send a short description, a bio, and approximately 10 pages to info [at] We can’t promise a short response time but will do our best to respond within two months.

Please see Story Press Africa’s publishing platform and submission policy here.¬†